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Hospital Patient Pet Foster Program
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If you are unexpectedly hospitalized, what do you do with your furry family member?   Maybe a family member or close friend can help with temporary housing or a pet boarding facility.  But what if you don’t have those options or cannot afford to board?  Some owners are forced to surrender their pet and some forego treatment in order to keep their pet.

Pets can comfort an owner who is ill and can give them support during difficult times. The companionship of a pet can have great positive effects for patients going through treatment and can provide good emotional therapy once the owner arrives home from treatment.

Our pet foster program provides a temporary loving home environment and can give pet owner’s peace of mind.

How our Program Works

FurKidz 911 works directly with local support agencies and local area hospitals to match the patient’s pet with an appropriate foster home that will give them the care and love they need while their hospitalized owner recovers.  A written temporary pet housing agreement outlines the terms of the relationship and protects the interests of all parties involved.

While you’re in the hospital or undergoing treatment, FurKidz 911 will stay in close contact with the foster pet caregiver to ensure your pet is settling into its new temporary home environment.  We will work with the foster pet caregivers regarding any issues or concerns that may arise.  We do have a network of animal volunteers to help should there be an emergency, and we can provide the fosters assistance when necessary by coordinating transport, animal trainers, grooming, kennels, food and supplies, and veterinary discounts, if needed.

The foster parent can provide owners with regular updates on their pet’s well-being via emails, texts, photographs and/or video in lieu of home visits to the foster’s home.  The foster’s job is to take great care of your pet and your job is to get well (we say this respectfully).

Area of Service

The majority of our foster homes are in the Puget Sound Area of Washington State.  Currently, we are able to provide this service only in western Washington, but hoping to expand further as the need grows.

Will It Cost Me Anything?

Our program is free.  If you can cover your pet’s necessary expenses while in the foster home (food, grooming, veterinarian costs, etc) that would be great!  If not, we got you covered.

If you are interested in fostering a patient’s pet or want to volunteer, check out "How Can I Help?" on our website, or contact us.

If you are a patient, find out if you are eligible.




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